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SIMPLYBEST Inverted Umbrella Reverse Umbrella Upside Down Double Layer Windproof
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Size (L x W x H) 12 cm x 84 cm x 12 cm
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INNOVATIVE DESIGN:Ingenious umbrella has finally solved the problems we've encountered all these years. Reverse opening and folding umbrella folds the top (wet) layer into the under (dry) layer when you step into your car, home, office, store, etc. It prevents water from dripping and helps keep your floors and cars dry.

C-SHAPED HANDLE:Put your arm through the handle to make your hands free for holding something else such as your baby, grocery bags, coffee, phone, etc. You can now easily carry things around in the rain without the umbrella being in your way.

EASY TO USE:With the simple click of the red button, you can easily open and close the umbrella, even in confined spaces. The innovative design makes it less awkward and safer to open and close the umbrella when you get in and out of your car or building. No more danger with pointy umbrella top design.

REINFORCED DESIGN:The inverted umbrella has eight steel frame ribs for the best strength and durability. It is windproof and will not flip inside-out unlike the traditional umbrellas. It can also stand on its own when closed for convenience.

WIDE COVERAGE:Inverted umbrella covers wider area to prevent you from getting wet or cover you from the sun. Its compact size makes it convenient to store it in your car. Prepare yourself during those rainy season.

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